FSI arena online: gli scacchi in internet con l'Elo nazionale.

Premium Chess Czech Republic is the new home of SSCR Arena!


SSCR Arena has entered in the only international network that guarantees the regularity of online games and assign rating and titles recognized by the World Chess Federation (FIDE ).

Within the platform Premium Chess Members can:

  • - enjoy a rich program offree tournaments (hourly, sit & go, thematic opening)
  • - have the chance to challenge titled players in master or simultaneous challenge
  • take advantage of online lessons on different themes (openings, strategy, middlegame, final analysis of games etc.),
  • - watch instructional videos,
  • - can see the matches of world most important events live
  • - and much more!

You can play on Premium Chess Online Arena downloading the standalone application.

Your current username and password do not change, discover the Premium Chess comunity and Join the Revolution!


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